Coach hire Bradford




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History of area


Bradford, one of Yorkshire’s biggest attractions, is famous for its rich history, playing a key strategic role in the English Civil War. In Victorian times, it was one of the North’s key powerhouses, with collieries, steel works and wool mills all prevalent throughout the city. Having been a small town at the opening of the 19th century, by the end it was one of the UK’s most economically prosperous cities. The population went from just over 6,000 in 1801 to more than 182,000 just 49 years later.


More recently, the city has become famous for its multicultural tapestry which has leant it an incredible diverse mix of cultures. There have been significant influxes of Irish, German and Asian immigrants in Bradford’s recent history.


Why visit?


The city’s rapid expansion in the last two centuries and the immigration that has accompanied it means that Bradford offers a huge range of attractions for your coach trip, no matter if you’re interested in history, sport or, of course, food.


For history buffs, the nearby Saltaire Village and Salts Mill offer a fascinating insight into the past, while the National Media Museum provides a look at a different type of history. The Alhambra Theatre has a terrific range of different shows on throughout the year and features them in its unique, striking architectural design.


North of Bradford are the famous Yorkshire Dales, home to some spectacular views, limestone caves and the setting for countless famous literary works. The Dales offer a perfect counterbalance to the hustle and bustle of the busy city.


Of course, there’s no visiting Bradford without partaking in arguably its most famous attraction; curry. The city’s large Pakistani and Indian communities have provided the city with some of the world’s most famous curries, so if you’re partial to South Asian cuisine, a culinary coach trip to Bradford can be as good as flying to get the real thing!


Who location is best for


As you may have guessed now, Bradford is ideal for all sorts of people. No matter if you’re an avid outdoors person, a history lover, or a group just in search of a good time, good food and a lively atmosphere, Bradford is perfect


Nearby locations


If it’s Bradford you’re looking to rent your coach or mini-bus from, then there are countless nearby locations that serve as great areas of days out or longer excursions. Nearby cities include Leeds and the historic jewel in the crown of Yorkshire, York. The Yorkshire dales offer spectacular views and a range of hiking trails to the North. Further reminders of Yorkshire’s rich cultural history can be found all around the city, particularly in the town of Shipley to the North.